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[26/05/2011] Smile commits to Jahia: Beta Partner Program 6.5

Smile has announced its participation in the Jahia Beta Partner Program Version 6.5, Portal xCM Java J2EE Open Source. >>

[03/04/2011] Smile announces a 26% organic growth for 2010

Smile has ended the year 2010 with a 25.5 million euro turnover, the result of a purely organic growth rate of 26%.
With 450 employees across the world, Smile is the undisputed leader of open source solutions, both in France and in Europe. >>

[22/03/2011] Smile at the Documation forum

Smile will be taking part to the Documation forum on the 23rd and 24th of March. Come and see us at the F17 stand at the CNIT in La Défense, Paris. >>

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Smile "patches" Redmine

[Monday 23 January 2012]

Redmine is an open source web application used for project management and based on the Ruby framework.
The new patch developped by Smile now allows to include the "status" criteria to the time reporting of the tool.
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