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[21/07/2015] Smile, 1er partenaire de Ansible en France

Ansible, société basée en Caroline du Nord, Etats-Unis, a développé une solution innovante et open source d'automatisation. La solution Ansible est très puissante, permettant le management des configurations complexes et industrialisant les déploiements, pour un résultat "DevOps made simple". >>

[26/05/2011] Smile commits to Jahia: Beta Partner Program 6.5

Smile has announced its participation in the Jahia Beta Partner Program Version 6.5, Portal xCM Java J2EE Open Source. >>

[03/04/2011] Smile announces a 26% organic growth for 2010

Smile has ended the year 2010 with a 25.5 million euro turnover, the result of a purely organic growth rate of 26%.
With 450 employees across the world, Smile is the undisputed leader of open source solutions, both in France and in Europe. >>

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Enterprise content management

Enterprise document and content management

Enterprise content management is characterised by the combination of document management and content management (CMS) tools. ECM increases the effectiveness of your organisation by offering your employees a practical and effective solution for creating, finding and using information - whether it is structured or not, or included in a document or not.

  • So that your employees can exchange and effectively use information that under pins their activities, we suggest using open source tools that have proved themselves to be effective such as Alfresco, Nuxeo, eZ publish or Jahia.
  • Using these tools, you manage your information globally : management of a document's lifecycle following business processes, management of user profiles, categorisation of information etc.
  • Drawing on our experience of ECM and our technical intelligence, we optimise the implementation of your tool, from the advice of our engineers to the customised training of your users.

Which solution should you choose for your document management?

Through our technical intelligence and our experience in enterprise management we are well qualified to support you fully in order to develop your 'information assets' to the full.

Providing your company with a competitive advantage

ECM (Enterprise Content Management) can be described as the convergence point between two families of IT tools:

  • CMS (Content Management System), originally designed to manage the production and publication of structured content, for internet or intranet sites ;
  • Document management system for handling, storing, organising, searching and consulting documents containing information that is not necessarily structured.

The interest of an ECM solution for your organisation is that it is just one tool that enables you to manage all your information:

  • precise management of workflows and versioning enables you to control each stage of a document's or content's lifecycle - production, validation, distribution, storage or destruction - by taking into account the business procedures of the company.
  • Management of your users' roles and identities enables you to precisely coordinate and control the production and use of each type of information, improving the security and reliability of your organisation.
  • Manual or automatic categorisation - using metadata - content and/or documents have the advantage of offering different wasy of accessing the same information, whilst making it easier to store and search.
  • ECM solutions can also be used for collaborative work within virtual spaces, or for feeding and animating a knowledge management system.

Using the best open source tools

Three examples of tools tested and implemented by Smile are:

  • Alfresco, created in 2005 by John Newton, the co-founder of Documentum and John Powell, former Business Objects executive, is at the cutting edge of document management and has many high performing content management features.
  • Nuxeo, with it's new "Enterprise Platform" product which runs in a J2EE environment taking over from the old "CPS", with an excellent array of features.
  • The CMS eZ publish, created in 1999 by eZ systems in Norway, offers very advanced document management features. Widely used all over the world, it is easy to integrate with other applications and can be used for even the most complex content management issues.